Amending a permit

Business Permits expire annually on December 31. You may renew your business permit from January 1 to January 20 of the following year. Make sure to plan your renewal early to avoid long lines and penalties if you miss the payment deadlines.

Make sure you submit the following:
  • BPLO Requirements
    • Application form
    • Insurance Policy or official receipt of Comprehensive General Liability (CGL)
    • Recent Official Receipt for Fire Safety Insurance Certificate
    • Recent Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)
    • Certificate of Good Standing (for cooperatives)
Barangay Clearances are now integrated and processed by the BPLO. You do not need to secure this separately from the barangay. The barangay fees shall be included in the tax/bill assessment. You no longer need to notarize your application.
  • To support the assessment of business taxes:
    • SEC Registration/Articles of Incorporation/CDA Accreditation
    • Official Receipt for the previous Business Permit
    • Original or copy of previous Business Permit
    • Real Property Tax (RPT)
    • Lessor Permit of lessor & photocopy of Lease Contract or affidavit of consent (place of business)
    • Certificate of Gross Receipts for the previous year (signed by the President and Treasurer)
    • Audit Financial Statements from the previous year (stamped “RECEIVED” by the BIR/or Quarterly VAT Returns – 1st Qtr. to 3rd Qtr. (BIR Form 2550Q) or Quarterly Percentage Tax Returns (BIR Form 2551Q)/or Monthly VAT Returns (BIR Form 2550M) or Monthly Percentage Tax Returns (BIR Form 2551M)

You may reach the Business Permit and Licensing Office through their hotline numbers